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Welcoming Economies Program

The Welcoming Economies (WE) Program is a competitive opportunity for Welcoming Network members and their partners to access support from Welcoming America and Global Detroit to advance economic inclusion for immigrants and contribute to local economic development. Many cities, counties, and regions have comprehensive economic development plans in place. Such plans vary as to what extent they include and capitalize on the economic development opportunities immigrants bring. 

The WE Program will help local efforts by:

  • Generating deeper connections with peers and forwarding creative strategies through collaborative peer learning in a confidential, trust-based environment.
  • Providing a forum to coalesce around tangible goals and an ambitious timeline within which participants can implement new efforts and strengthen existing ones.
  • Leveraging a national network of experienced local practitioners and a set of national partners to improve and inspire local initiatives through sharing best practices that infuse new ideas, practices, and tools into local strategies.
  • Providing ongoing tailored support that helps local leaders stay on track and meet their goals.
  • Providing a stipend to help catalyze local efforts.

Support Offered

  • 9 hours of hands-on technical assistance and coaching.
  • 2 virtual training sessions with subject area experts on immigrant economic inclusion strategies.
  • 4 virtual peer learning opportunities. 
  • $5,000 stipend to support ongoing efforts.

What is my commitment?
Participants commit to identifying and achieving one to two local economic inclusion goals through participation in the WE Program. One staff person from the member organization (or one staff person from the organizational partner, if it is a joint application) is committing to full participation in all activities outlined in the chart below:

What When Time commitment
Two (2) virtual learning sessions  with subject area experts March 2021 – February 2022  3 hours
Four (4) virtual peer-to-peer learning sessions March, June, October (2021), January (2022) 8 hours
Nine (9) one-on-one coaching calls with WE Program team March 2021 –   February 2022 9 hours
Continued learning, implementation, and collaboration between sessions March 2021 –   February 2022 Self-directed time
Post on social media throughout the Program March 2021 –   February 2022 2 hours
Complete evaluation of the Program and of outputs achieved through the Program February 2022 1 hours
Total Time Commitment  January 2021 – February 2022 23 hours plus self-directed time

Is there a cost to participate? 
There is no cost to participate. Participants will receive a $5,000 stipend to participate in the WE Program.

Application Process
Application deadline: February 26
Second round phone interview: Second week of March 2021
Acceptance notification: March 15

Apply Now

**If submitting a joint application, please email a letter of support from the organizational partner to [email protected].

Email [email protected].