Welcoming takes root in the south: How one Florida community fosters safety and language access

Group photo of members of the GINI team

Words and intentions aren’t enough to create a community where everyone belongs. Residents of Gainesville and Alachua County, Florida know how much effort it takes to make their home a more welcoming place to live. “To be a welcoming community means that you have policies in place which become everyday behaviors and actions, in turn,…

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From Afghanistan to Virginia: How Richmond welcomes refugees

Clients review the drivers manual during a class taught in Dari.

In 2016, a group of 30 Afghan women arrived at their local DMV office in Richmond, Virginia to take the learner’s permit test. When they arrived from Afghanistan a few years before, they didn’t know how to get a driver’s license and could not find information in their language. Kate Ayers, executive director of ReEstablish…

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Webinar Recording: Advocating for Immigrant Digital Equity

The Digital Equity Act is an unprecedented investment in digital equity and inclusion for everyone in the U.S. During this webinar, recorded on September 27, speakers explored advocacy resources from World Education’s Transforming Immigrant Digital Equity project created to help ensure immigrants and refugees won’t be left behind. In addition, Hennepin County, Minnesota presented a…

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Lessons and opportunities to build belonging: A look at our 2022 Fund to Foster Belonging grantees

Painted sign that says "Welcome" in several languages

Connection is the antidote to social division. Communities that intentionally bring people from all walks of life together reap the benefits of being a more welcoming place for all. Intergroup bridging is one way to foster connections among groups from different migration backgrounds. Bridging activities bring people together, and research shows that building bridges between…

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Bridging Language and Work: Solutions to Invest in Immigrant and Refugee Talent

Finding, retaining, and developing talent is a top priority for business leaders today. Refugees and immigrants represent an incredible pool of talent that can fill worker shortages and enhance diversity. Yet, many employers overlook candidates due to perceptions that workers cannot succeed in a role if they have limited proficiency in the local language. Bridging Language…

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Immigration Advocates Network: How to Support Citizenship in Your Community

This webinar aired January 27, 2022 As the number of immigrants coming into the US increases, it can be a challenge for community leaders to help immigrants navigate the path to immigration legal status or citizenship. During this webinar, our partners at the Immigration Advocates Network (IAN) will share the tools and resources they have…

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Access to Housing, Disaster Relief, and Homelessness Assistance Programs for Immigrants

This webinar aired on December 2, 2021. This webinar covers public assistance services and how immigration status affects — or doesn’t affect — one’s ability to receive assistance in housing, disaster relief, and/or homelessness. SPEAKERS: Wafa Dinaro, Director of Economic Development, Wayne County, Michigan Kate Walz, Senior Attorney, National Housing Law Project Luz Viviana Meza,…

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