Eight Themes for Welcoming Week 2018

It’s a time of immense challenges for the communities we serve, many of whom are living in fear. We are becoming polarized, and many Americans have been uprooted by the sense that they no longer belong. At the same time, many people are standing up for their neighbors and affirming that our country is a place for everyone. New and longtime residents can all be part of the fabric of our shared future.

For Welcoming Week 2018, please think about how you can be a welcomer and put action behind the positive values which bind us as a community. Here are eight themes of immigrant inclusion and event highlights. Let’s celebrate the values that unite us as family, neighbors, parents, and allies!

#1 Resilience, immigrants, and your community – in film and discussions

#2 Welcoming Refugees & Keeping Families Together 

#3 Citizenship workshops and naturalization ceremonies – Sept 17 national citizenship day

#4 ​Welcoming Schools –  Making sure it’s a welcoming place for all.

​#5 Voting Registration & Engagement – mid-term elections are almost 45 days away!

#6 Immigrant Entrepreneurship & Welcoming Economies – Fueling the competitiveness of local companies and economies.

#7 Global Day of Peace –  Pause a moment in silence at noon local time across the globe. #DayofPeace

#8 Cities Defining Welcoming for Immigrants & All