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We are here to help you create more inclusive communities, and the following public resources have been designed to help you spark and grow welcoming efforts in your community. 

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This brief guide breaks down the Federal Integration Action Plan and the welcoming-related recommendations in it.

We are deeply inspired by the growing number of leaders and everyday Americans uniting to make their communities welcoming ones for unaccompanied children. The following resources provide background and tools to help you and your community act on your compassion for children in need.

Welcoming Webinar

This interactive webinar focuses on finding the best ways to frame your messaging around refugees for all of the different audiences in your community.

Welcoming Webinar

Welcoming America is pleased to be partnering with the Center for Applied Linguistics on the webinar Promoting a Culture of Welcome for Refugees in Schools: Approaches and Opportunities to begin exploring how schools can promote a culture of welcome and models that work. Together webinar participants will identify components of a welcoming school, learn from promising examples from the field, and share their own questions and successes.

Welcoming Webinar

In this webinar, Welcoming America unveiled a brand new toolkit entitled Reframing Refugees: Messaging Toolkit. Guest speakers discussed ways to use messaging and events to promote the positive contributions of refugees to their communities.

Welcoming Webinar

Leaders from the local government, business, and nonprofit sectors help set the tone for refugee reception. Finding ways to engage them as key champions for your work helps strengthen program credibility, secure additional resources, and attract a broader base of support for refugees.

Welcoming Webinar

Creating greater community understanding and support for refugees means that the receiving community needs to hear and learn from refugees themselves. However, many in the field continue to struggle to involve refugees in meaningful ways that truly empower them. During this webinar, we learned from the successful approaches ethnic based community organizations, community organizers, and refugee resettlement agencies are using to help refugees become civically engaged with the community.

Welcoming Webinar

This webinar will helped audience members learn more about the WE Global Network and its collaborative approach, the work of select members who are already seeing the result of efforts to connect economic development and global talent, and resources that are available for others interested in the intersection of economic development and immigrant inclusion.

While Shelbyville is, in many ways, a typical southern town, it is also unique. Several of the residents appearing in the documentary and on this website are active participants of the Welcoming Tennessee Initiative, a statewide effort to help improve relations between long-term residents and immigrant newcomers. 

An overview of how to bring together community members to address misunderstandings and stereotypes. This clip is featured in “Building a Nation of Neighbors,” a Shelbyville Multimedia video module for bridge-building between newcomers and long time residents, adapted from the documentary Welcome to Shelbyville directed and produced by Kim A. Snyder.