Mobilizing University Resources for Welcome: How to Make Your Campus a Resettlement Campus

September 12, 2022 - 04:00 pm

How can colleges and universities mobilize their resources in innovative ways to both welcome refugees and provide valuable learning experiences for students? In this webinar, Every Campus A Refuge (ECAR) will provide an overview of how to establish a “Resettlement Campus” – i.e. a higher education institution that provides refugees with temporary housing and community integration support through transformative curricular and co-curricular efforts.

You’ll learn about refugee resettlement, why college and university campuses are uniquely positioned to support refugee integration, and how to effectively mobilize campus and community resources to do so. Speakers will include faculty, staff, and students engaged in the work of hosting refugees on campus grounds and supporting them in their resettlement.


  • Diya Abdo, Ph.D, Professor of English at Guilford College, Founder and Director of Every Campus a Refuge (ECAR)
  • Kathleen Herbst, ECAR Guilford College Program Coordinator
  • Anisgul Stanikzai, ECAR student volunteer

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