LAS DAMAS: Art, Lotería y Poesía en el Westside

September 17, 2022 - 02:00 pm

Join celebrated muralist Adriana M. Garcia and acclaimed author Xelena González as they share words and images from their new picture book Where Wonder Grows. Like their award-winning title All Around Us, their followup book proudly features their native Westside of San Anto. Adriana will also share a sneak peek of illustrations from her forthcoming book The Turquoise Room (by Monica Brown). And Xelena will offer new writing from her Lotería Remedios series. We’ll top off this Latinx Heritage kickoff event with a round of lotería games, where audience members will have a chance to win copies of their books and original artwork. Only 50 playing tablas are available, so arrive early!

Event Details

Discussion/Community Forum, Festival/Fair, Literature