EXCLUDED/INCLUSION: The Work of Chen Lok Lee

September 15, 2022 - 05:00 pm

A political refugee who swam to Hong Kong to escape Chinese political persecution, Chen Lok Lee’s story is one of survival and resilience. Lee overcame the struggles of immigration to succeed as a beloved and respected artist, educator and master printmaker in Philadelphia.

The 18 prints, watercolors, and lithographs in “Excluded/Inclusion: The Work of Chen Lok Lee” show the journey of his life and art on three continents, and demonstrate the broad range of his skillset and artistic style. It is a demonstration of work that shows the human spirit of determination, personal agency, and the power of choice to survive.

More information is available at chenloklee.com.

Excluded/Inclusion: The Work of Chen Lok Lee is presented by the Sachs Program for Arts Innovation and is the third exhibition to be featured in the Annenberg Center’s Arts Lounge, a new hub for the creative community at Penn and part of a $2M renovation of the Annenberg Center’s public spaces made possible by a generous gift from alumni Keith and Kathy Sachs.

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