“Day One” Documentary

September 10, 2022 - 01:00 pm

The St. Louis Public Library presents a screening of the award-winning documentary Day One, which follows a group of teenage refugees from war-torn countries who are enrolled at a unique public school for refugees and immigrants-only in St. Louis, where they are guided through an inspirational program of education, healing, and trauma intervention by devoted educators, some of whom have chosen to relocate to the inner city to support their students. Over the course of a year, we watch the kids progress through layers of grief and loss as they attend school, forge new friendships, and prepare to be mainstreamed into local public high schools. Their triumphs and tribulations all unfold with St. Louis as the backdrop: a rust-belt city that has taken the bold step of welcoming immigrants as a solution for their growing socio-economic problems.

The screening will be followed by an interactive panel entitled St. Louis Refugee and Immigration Initiatives: Past, Present, and Future with experts featured in the film including Betsy Cohen, Executive Director of St. Louis Mosaic Project; Kelly Moore, Director of NCNAA (Nahed Chapman New American Academy); Peter Tao, Architect and Community Organizer; and Anita Barker, Vice President of Education of The International Institute of St. Louis.

Event Details

Discussion/Community Forum, Film