City of Marshall Welcoming Week

September 20, 2022 - 05:00 pm

This is the 2nd Welcoming Week the City of Marshall has hosted. The event will consist of food, fun and friends. There will be activities for youth, opportunities to interact with Emergency Services (Police, Firefighters, and EMTs), Sambusa provided by the local Hindi Store, and information on how to get involved in the amenities and services the City of Marshall has to offer. The event will be from 5-7 at the local YMCA, a hotspot for youth and people of all walks of life. The City’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commission will be present at the event, volunteering and getting to know the attendees. We hope this Welcoming Week offers a safe space for people who may be new to the community or to those who want to get more involved.

Event Details

Arts, Festival/Fair, Food and Drink, Volunteering