Bellevue Welcomes All at Mini-City Hall

September 12, 2022 - 02:30 pm

Join us for Welcoming Week and learn about how
Mini City Hall offers a place where you belong
and provides access to critical services. Mini City
Hall has been serving the Bellevue community
for more than 25 years. Mini City Hall has several
partnerships that provide in-person services to
assist a variety of different needs, including:
■ Employment and Entrepreneurship
Assistance, providing employment support
and small business consultations.
■ Indian American Community Services (IACS)
programs, ranging from women’s career
services, early childhood education, crisis care,
a youth leadership program and much more.
■ SHIBA Specialists, providing one-on-one
Medicare counseling appointments.
■ Chinese Information Service Center (CISC),
offering specialists who speak Russian &
Chinese to help customers navigate public
services and systems.
■ King County Library System (KCLS), providing
computer coaching geared toward beginners
who want to improve their technical skills.
For more information, please visit

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