A Decade of Offshore Detention – #Candle4Nauru

September 18, 2022

To mark the decade anniversary of the first asylum seekers being sent to Nauru on 14 September 2012, we are asking people take a photo of a lit candle with written messages calling for an end to offshore detention.

The composition of the photo is up to you. You can include yourself holding the candle or a group of friends or family. Get creative!
Please send your photo(s) via messenger to our Facebook page and we will add them to our event page. Alternatively you can share them yourself to your favourite social media platform. Please use the hashtag #Candle4Nauru. Other hashtags to use include #DecadeOfNauru, #DecadeOfOffshore, #EndOffshore and #BringThemHere.

Please try to share your photo on September 14 between 4pm and 10pm.

Event Details

Registration Required
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