Welcoming Week 2020: Messaging and talking points

How to use talking points

In addition to being a community-building tool, Welcoming Week is an opportunity to share the work of welcoming places with the media. This list provides talking points that you may use in your media outreach plan to share your event and organization’s work with reporters. It may be used to accompany or further your event goals and larger organizational vision.

Talking points

  • Welcoming Week is a time when a chorus of thousands—in communities large and small, rural and urban—celebrate the benefits of an inclusive society and deepen their commitment to creating places that are welcoming to everyone, including immigrants, refugees, and other people who have been systematically excluded.  
  • The purpose of Welcoming Week is to elevate a spirit of unity that shows the successful multi-racial democracy we can be if everyone feels at home in the places they call home, including immigrants and refugees.
  • We are proud to be part of Welcoming Week. By creating home together, we call for our neighborhoods, communities, and workplaces to be safe and welcoming places where everyone feels they belong.
  • With thousands of others in the U.S. and around the world, our participation in Welcoming Week through [event name(s)] shows that in (local community), residents of all backgrounds are creating home together even when we’re apart.
  • Home is where you feel safe and accepted. This Welcoming Week, our community is leading the way to help [diverse residents/students/employees/etc.] create home together through [event title] and show what it means to be truly welcoming for all.
  • Now more than ever, as we bear witness to the lives lost and pain inflicted by coronavirus, racism, and scapegoating of migrants, leaders everywhere are eager to show what we are capable of when we embrace a vision of inclusion, and live that vision in action.   
  • No matter what home means to us individually, a safe, healthy, and inclusive society takes all of us. This Welcoming Week, let’s create home together and build a future in which each of us can play a vital role. 
  • Welcoming Week provides an opportunity to celebrate the values that unite us as neighbors, parents, and colleagues, and to make our communities more welcoming all those who call [CITY, STATE, or COUNTRY] home.

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