Webinar: Kick Off Your End-of-Year-Giving!

Are you ready to create a powerful impact and foster a sense of belonging this giving season?

On October 19, we hosted a webinar called, “Kick off your End-of-Year Giving” to provide you with tips about how to craft a successful giving campaign that resonates with individual donors and propels your mission forward.

We brought together a panel of seasoned fundraising professionals from Welcoming America’s member network, as well as dedicated community partners who shared their experiences.

During the webinar recording you will:

  • Gain an understanding of how to develop strategies for an end-of-year giving campaign, by identifying the target audience, crafting compelling narratives, and choosing the right digital strategies to engage donors effectively.
  • Obtain valuable insights into the significance of personalized communication, effective donor segmentation, and engagement strategies that transform one-time donors into loyal advocates.
  • Learn how to use data to track campaign performance, analyze donor behavior, and make informed decisions for continual improvement.