The Case for Welcoming as Resilience: A Whitepaper

How can communities support people displaced by climate change, and build a future that is more sustainable, democratic, and adaptable for all people, including immigrants?

This whitepaper, published by Welcoming America, is the first in a series of content on climate change and migration. It explores the landscape of migration impacted specifically by climate change and how welcoming communities are meeting the moment, demonstrating that it is possible to both plan for and act on demographic and population changes in ways that are inclusive of newcomers’ needs, as well as ensuring the long-term ability for all residents to adapt, thrive, and belong.

As a changing climate threatens lives and livelihoods, we must unite in efforts to elevate migration as a fundamental form of resilience. There’s a place for all of us — policymakers, practitioners, advocates, and philanthropy — in the work ahead.

Climate migration