The State of Welcoming: 2024 Report

For 15 years, Welcoming America has worked with members and partners across the globe to build inclusive communities where everyone belongs. This inaugural State of Welcoming report highlights the history of our contributions to the welcoming movement, why welcoming matters, critical lessons learned, and where we go from here.

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When communities lead with welcoming, they can foster places that enable all residents to fully live, thrive, and contribute. The State of Welcoming explores five whys of welcoming:

  1. Welcoming Fosters Belonging
  2. Welcoming Contributes to Thriving Democracy
  3. Welcoming Strengthens the Economy
  4. Welcoming Counteracts Racism and Hate
  5. Welcoming Informs Effective and Equitable Policies

Also featured in the 2024 State of Welcoming report:

  • Three key themes we’ve learned from 15 years of welcoming.
  • Stories and solutions from around the world.
  • Data and trends to support your work.
  • Tools and resources to drive your welcoming practice.

We all have a role to play in welcoming. The 2024 State of Welcoming report is a call to build the future of welcoming with courage, conviction, and commitment.