Get Out the Vote + Welcoming Week 2020

This year, consider hosting a voter registration drive as part of your Welcoming Week plans to encourage voting in the 2020 elections. Now more than ever, it is important for all community members to understand their voting rights and the importance of voting for our leaders. 

Here are some suggestions adapted from the League of Women Voters:

1. Plan the drive. 

  • Define your target audience or population. Who are the potential voters and is there a specific group you’re targeting? 
  • Set up a webinar or registration booth (with proper social distancing). Collaborate with a community partner on outreach and setup.
  • Decide on the best time to hold your drive. Is it lunch time, after school, or during the weekend? How will you accommodate those who can’t make your scheduled event? 

2. Coordinate your volunteers. Provide training and make sure they understand the forms and their responsibilities during the drive. Provide them with a “Frequently Asked Questions” sheet so they can provide answers to prospective voters. 

3. Publicize your drive. Have a clear plan for engaging immigrants and long-time residents  in planning and executing the event. Send out email notifications, post on social media, and post flyers to promote the registration drive. Your language should be short and snappy and grab attention. Remember to include your logo (if applicable) and a website link or contact information. Consider creating flyers and materials in multiple languages.

4. Gather the materials. Obtain copies of voter registration forms, absentee ballot applications, and party affiliation declaration forms from your County Commissioner of Registration office. All of these forms can be found on the League of Women Voters website and may be printed and photocopied.

5. During the drive. When registering voters, encourage on-location registration. It is preferable to get as many people as possible to fill out the forms while they are at the table or virtually engaged with you. This way, you can check the forms to make sure they are filled out correctly and verify that the forms are submitted to the elections office.

6. After the drive. Once the registration drive ends, make sure the forms get to the elections office promptly for processing. Evaluate the success of your drive by asking your team “Was your site successful?” and make notes to implement any improvements in the next drive.

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