Community Sponsorship of Refugees: Methods and Examples

This webinar took place on November 17, 2021

Community sponsorship provides an avenue for individuals, groups, and organizations to participate in the resettlement of refugees. This webinar will explore the various community sponsorship models and provide resources for communities wanting to take part in supporting refugee families. If you’re looking to better understand the options for community sponsorship, register to hear from experts and learn how to get involved.

PLEASE NOTE: the information provided in this webinar is not for publication


  • Una Bilic, Program Officer, Community Sponsorship, International Rescue Committee
  • Sarah Krause, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Community Sponsorship Hub
  • Shrina Eadeh, LMSW, Director, Resettlement Program, Jewish Family Services of Washtenaw County
  • Rachel Perić (moderator), Executive Director, Welcoming America