Assisting Undocumented Entrepreneurs

On August 29, Welcoming America, Build from Within Alliance, and Immigrants Rising, hosted this webinar for all business support organizations, welcoming initiatives and others who want to learn more about programs and strategies that provide capital access and business planning services to undocumented immigrant entrepreneurs and business owners.

Many welcoming programs, small business support organizations and micro entrepreneurship programs serve immigrant communities and some extend support to undocumented entrepreneurs and business owners. But how many business support organizations know the details of how the undocumented establish business enterprises, open business bank accounts, access capital and access the array of business support opportunities?

This webinar covers:
-understanding the benefits and challenges of entrepreneurship for the undocumented community
-Learning about state investments in social entrepreneurship geared toward immigrants, regardless of immigration status
-Getting access to information and resources, specifically tailored to serve undocumented entrepreneurs

Economic Development