Statement on humanitarian funding and anti-immigration legislation

Welcoming America stands united with partners nationwide and the majority of Americans in opposing the Biden Administration’s consideration of the proposal by a radical minority of legislators tying funding for humanitarian assistance abroad to advance their extreme anti-immigrant agenda at home. As an organization committed to fostering communities where everyone belongs, we are deeply concerned about the potential far-reaching repercussions of this proposal, especially for asylum seekers, and methods being used to achieve it.

The ongoing deliberations concerning a supplementary funding bill aimed at providing assistance to Ukraine, Taiwan, Israel, refugee programs, and other humanitarian initiatives are being forcefully linked to border and asylum policies. This could lead to enduring and severe consequences on the ability to seek asylum in the United States.

Failing to protect people seeking safety by ending asylum, detaining more people, and building walls does not make our communities safer. Expanding expedited removal will also have devastating consequences for families and communities across the country by separating families and destabilizing communities.

We urge all stakeholders to consider the implications of these policy decisions on people seeking refuge — an international human right — and not abandon them in pursuit of political expediency.

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