Statement on Chauvin verdict

Today’s decision in the Derek Chauvin trial is a long-awaited one for the family of George Floyd, as well as communities everywhere seeking justice in the ongoing struggle against systemic racism.

At the same time, this verdict is just the first of many steps needed to build a truly just and welcoming society. This verdict does not change the reality that institutions of power need greater accountability. It does not change the fact that the justice system and law enforcement must rebuild trust with communities to truly serve the greater “we” it claims to.

Recent weeks have shown us that othering, violence, and dehumanization afflict our communities, with each new atrocity a reckoning and turning point for only as long it takes for the next one to strike. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Daunte Wright, Adam Toledo, and countless others demonstrate this pattern.

It must end now. We must go beyond these momentary crises and commit to changing these systemic issues from the inside out. Who we elect, the policies we support, the words we speak—these are things we as individuals can control and must use to bring lasting change. Systemic racism continues to plague our communities. We stand with our members in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and across the U.S. and world calling for justice, healing, and unity.