Charting a new path forward

Today is a bright day for American democracy. As millions of people, including new Americans, cast their ballots, worked polling stations, or helped their neighbors navigate the voting process—all during a pandemic—we reaffirmed the importance of the democratic process, one in which everyone has a stake. 

We also witnessed one of the most diverse elections, with people of all backgrounds and identities represented on the ballot and in voting lines. While this is an important milestone in achieving our ideals as a multiracial democracy, we know it is only the start of a long journey. 

Our priority now, as it has always been, is to support our Welcoming Network of 200+ nonprofits and local government members to do the work of building bridges and setting inclusive policies in local communities where all feel they belong. We were proud to see Welcoming America recognized in the Biden plan for securing our values as a nation of immigrants. As we saw communities from Arkansas to Georgia reject inhumane anti-immigrant policies, we saw hope for a country ready to chart a new path. 

We look forward to working with the National Partnership for New Americans and other partners across the field to ensure the incoming Administration prioritizes a federal infrastructure for immigrant inclusion and strengthening leadership in welcoming communities. None of this will be possible without our Welcoming Network in the U.S. and abroad that work in communities large, small, rural and urban. Together, we will work to translate inclusive values into action, support federal and local policy, and expand welcoming practices into other countries, from whom we also have much to learn from.

Throughout this election season and beyond, it is community leaders, elected officials, and our neighbors who shape an inclusive civic culture, help our communities heal, and form a more welcoming and enduring democracy. Thank you for your tireless efforts.

We hope you will reach out to us with your ideas for how we can support one another in the coming months. It will take all of us to strengthen the welcoming infrastructure of our nation and our globe.