Announcing the WE Global Network

Today, Welcoming AmericaGlobal Detroit, and more than a dozen economic development initiatives throughout the nation’s Rust Belt launched the Welcoming Economies Global Network (WE Global Network). The network is comprised of groups from 10 states across the Midwest working to tap into the economic development opportunities created by welcoming immigrants.

This launch comes on the heels of yesterday’s White House release of a report featuring the WE Global Network as one of its national best practices. Created by the White House Task Force on New Americans, the report affirms that immigrants and refugees contribute significantly to the continued economic prosperity of the U.S. and are critical to our country’s social and cultural fabric.

“In the 20th century, the Rust Belt housed industrial powerhouses like the U.S. steel, coal, and auto industries, but today it is entrepreneurial partnerships between immigrants and local communities that are fueling the region’s economies,” said David Lubell, Executive Director of Welcoming America. “The WE Global Network recognizes that if we’re to remain competitive in the global economy, we must support and maximize the efforts of local initiatives that welcome, retain, integrate, and empower immigrant communities.”

Join the Network

The WE Global Network invites governments, nonprofits, and economic development organizations that welcome, retain, and empower immigrant communities in the 10-state region to join. Members benefit from peer-to-peer learning exchanges, increased publicity, policy and research tools developed for immigrant economic development organizations, access to technical assistance, and other capacity building resources.

Attend the WE Global Network 3rd Annual Convening