Announcing the public comment period of the Welcoming Standard

We are thrilled to announce the opening of the public comment period for the Welcoming Standard, the guiding set of principles that outlines the core of what it means for a community to be truly welcoming, particularly in terms of immigrant and refugee residents.

In addition to two review boards of experts, we are also seeking feedback from the public at large to ensure a broad range of input. Through a brief survey, we welcome input from anyone interested in helping us define what makes a welcoming community. The survey will be open until December 1, 2021:

The input from the survey will be used to update the Welcoming Standard and prepare it for a second release in early 2022. View the current draft version of the Welcoming Standard

About the Welcoming Standard

The Welcoming Standard captures the core of what it means to be welcoming, serving as the backbone for Welcoming America’s program and partnership priorities. Developed in collaboration with diverse experts including Welcoming Network members, and with input from the public at large, the Welcoming Standard provides a comprehensive roadmap for immigrant inclusion.

The current version of the Welcoming Standard was published in 2017 and addresses a range of essential components. Beyond traditional immigrant integration strategies, the Standard also includes practices for fostering greater unity between immigrants and U.S.-born residents. The seven framework categories include:

  • Government Leadership
  • Civic Engagement
  • Equitable Access
  • Education
  • Connected Communities
  • Economic Development
  • Safe Communities

The Welcoming Standard also defines the benchmarks Welcoming America uses to certify and hold local governments accountable through the Certified Welcoming program.