Additional bans on immigration, asylum seekers make America a less healthy place

A healthy America is one that isn’t afraid of immigrants. 

Just a few days after the Supreme Court declined to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the Administration released two policy measures that effectively reinforce a ban on aspiring Americans in the name of public health and the economy. The details of the policies are outlined here and here.

We welcome the opportunity to debate what makes for healthy communities, which in our view—and the overwhelming view of public health experts—is the result of neighbors working together to make sure every person can feel safe and have access to the resources they need to thrive.  

We also know that most Americans recognize that efforts to falsely place the blame of infectious disease on individuals because of their race, creed, or origin is wholly un-American. In fact, more than 200 communities nationwide are working to do exactly the opposite, because they understand that their health, vitality, and economic prosperity will come from inclusion and the trust built with neighbors, who may come from different places but share one future.

Despite the White House’s efforts to frame these measures as necessary to protect American workers, the fact is that American workers—nearly 1 in 5 of whom are foreign born—are best served by pragmatic leaders who recognize that our health and prosperity will come from inclusion. “From DACA to racial justice, Americans clearly desire a country that is safe and welcoming for all,” said Rachel Peric, Executive Director of Welcoming America.

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