Building Belonging Through Art, Sports, and Advocacy Series

About the series

This webinar series explored the transformative potential of art, sports, and advocacy in building belonging between immigrants and U.S.-born residents. Over the course of three sessions, we uncovered inspiring stories of individuals using these avenues to break cultural barriers, foster unity, and create inclusive spaces. From the emotional appeal of art to the universal language of sports to the powerful impact of advocacy, this series is an engaging exploration of diverse tools that can build unity and community.

Hosted by Welcoming America, the videos feature prominent leaders and experts on fostering belonging in communities. All webinars are open to the public and explore how we can use things like art, sports, and advocacy to foster a more connected and welcoming society.

This series is part of Belonging Begins with Us, a campaign dedicated to fostering a more welcoming nation where everyone–regardless of their background–can belong. Learn more

In this webinar we explored insights and examples of how art fosters connection between immigrant and U.S.-born communities. Visionary speakers, including artistic public space advocates, discussed projects such as temporary art installations and public benches that break down cultural barriers and celebrate diversity. Learn how art initiatives create inclusive spaces, fostering unity and a shared sense of belonging.

In the second part of this series, we explored community building through sports. Speakers including a former professional rugby player turned advocate and a Southern U.S. city staffer discussed the powerful role of sports in uniting newcomers and long-time residents. Learn from examples of how sports create spaces of camaraderie, like using soccer games to foster interactions between police and residents and organizing inclusive sporting cultures. Whether it’s on the field, court, or track, this webinar will showcase the potential of sports to build bridges and create a more connected and inclusive society for all.

In the final segment of the Building Belonging Through Art, Sports, and Advocacy webinar series, we explored the role of advocacy in building bridges within communities. Speakers discussed abolition work, dismantling systemic barriers, and supporting youth engagement in advocacy. Through the stories they shared, participants were able to explore the power of advocacy for building inclusive communities and transcending social division. While watching you will hear an inspiring conversation about creating positive change and fostering connected and equitable communities.