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This tool is intended to help advocates for immigrant integration communicate how welcoming our immigrant neighbors can be a force for economic growth.

The Establishing and Maintaining Inclusive Emergency Management with Immigrant and Refugee Populations Checklist is designed to help strengthen existing emergency preparedness plans by ensuring immigrants and refugees are part of any emergency response.

More than half the global population lives in metropolitan areas, and this proportion will likely increase throughout the 21st century. A significant contributor to this growth will be immigrants and other newcomers. This report by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs examines, through the lens of the city of Chicago, the complexity of the foreign-born community and the immigrant-related policies of a global city, situated within broader county, metropolitan, state, and federal contexts. 

Learn some of the best practices in engaging, supporting, and managing volunteers to help welcome refugees in your community. Tips around volunteer outreach, designing options for volunteer engagement, volunteer onboarding, and keeping volunteers energized are included.  This toolkit also shares field spotlights from a number of refugee-serving organizations that are successfully utilizing volunteers in new and interesting ways. 

The purpose of this plan is to create an inclusive metro Atlanta region in which all people, including immigrants and refugees, have the opportunity to reach their greatest potential, engage with the larger community, and fully contribute their talents—expanding prosperity and well-being for all.

The Welcoming Standard provides a comprehensive roadmap for places building more cohesive and equitable communities and fostering connections between newer immigrants and long

This is the cover of Welcoming America's new toolkit on Citizenship strategies to engage receiving communities

This toolkit was developed by Welcoming America and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the lead organization of the New Americans Campaign, to provide promising practices and suggestions to engage receiving communities at the intersection of citizenship and welcoming work. 

Building Welcoming Schools A Guide for K-12 Educators and After-School Providers

A Guide for K-12 Educators and After-School Providers

Ensuring refugee and immigrant students and their families feel welcome and accepted in their school environments is not only foundational for their academic success, but their longer-term economic and social success, as well. Welcoming Refugees has created this toolkit to offer schools and after school learning centers an easily accessible way to promote a welcoming school

Welcoming Webinar

Our communities are changing. Rapid demographic shifts can spark tension and create challenges for both newcomers and long-time residents. So, how do we create a bridge that allows access and justice for all?

Listen as Welcoming America discusses how communities can be strengthened by demographic changes. We also discuss how we define the Receiving Community and how to connect long-time residents and newcomers.

Welcoming Webinar

 In this webinar, Welcoming Refugees and Higher, an ORR technical assistance provider for refugee workforce development, show you how to effectively communicate these contributions, support refugee entrepreneurs as part of your current work, and build greater community awareness and support.