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We are here to help you create more inclusive communities, and the following public resources have been designed to help you spark and grow welcoming efforts in your community. 

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As part of the Bridging Differences initiative at the University of California at Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, this playbook synthesizes the core skills and strategies for bridging political, racial, religious, and other divides to support positive dialogue, relationships, and understanding between groups or individuals.

Bridging Divides, Creating Community: Arts, Culture, and Immigration is a creative placemaking field scan written by John C. Arroyo, Ph.D., AICP, in partnership with ArtPlace America. This field scan seeks to illuminate key priorities within the immigration sector and provide a framework for understanding the ways that arts and culture contribute to local, place-based immigration related outcomes.

In 2019, Welcoming America celebrated a decade of building a nation of neighbors. In that time, we have helped communities of all sizes and populations striving to become truly welcoming places.

Sample Welcoming Week Proclamation is attached. 

As part of a 2018 study on Inclusive Recovery, the Urban Institute looked at the relationship between economic health, economic inclusion, and racial inclusion in 274 of the largest US cities since 1980. Through extensive data analysis and discussions with local leaders, they identified trends across cities, key lessons for how economic turnarounds can support inclusion, and the common building blocks of inclusive growth across different geographic contexts.

Welcoming America is excited to announce the opportunity for Welcoming Network Member Communities to showcase their flagship programs and partnerships to fellow network members. Through our community visit program, promising thought leaders, programs, and policies are shared with leaders from across the nation with the goal of expanding and replicating learnings.

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