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We are here to help you create more inclusive communities, and the following public resources have been designed to help you spark and grow welcoming efforts in your community. 

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The Establishing and Maintaining Inclusive Emergency Management with Immigrant and Refugee Populations Checklist is designed to help strengthen existing emergency preparedness plans by ensuring immigrants and refugees are part of any emergency response.

The Greater Kansas City region has experienced a changing demographic over the past quarter-century, with the immigrant population increasing from 33,000 in 1990 to more than 150,000 in 2018. Immigrants are an important part of the economic and cultural fabric in the Great Kansas City area, working in a variety of industries and establishing strong roots in the community as homeowners and parents of U.S.-born children. 

As part of the Bridging Differences initiative at the University of California at Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, this playbook synthesizes the core skills and strategies for bridging political, racial, religious, and other divides to support positive dialogue, relationships, and understanding between groups or individuals.

More than half the global population lives in metropolitan areas, and this proportion will likely increase throughout the 21st century. A significant contributor to this growth will be immigrants and other newcomers. This report by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs examines, through the lens of the city of Chicago, the complexity of the foreign-born community and the immigrant-related policies of a global city, situated within broader county, metropolitan, state, and federal contexts. 

Bridging Divides, Creating Community: Arts, Culture, and Immigration is a creative placemaking field scan written by John C. Arroyo, Ph.D., AICP, in partnership with ArtPlace America. This field scan seeks to illuminate key priorities within the immigration sector and provide a framework for understanding the ways that arts and culture contribute to local, place-based immigration related outcomes.

In 2019, Welcoming America celebrated a decade of building a nation of neighbors. In that time, we have helped communities of all sizes and populations striving to become truly welcoming places.

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