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We are here to help you create more inclusive communities, and the following public resources have been designed to help you spark and grow welcoming efforts in your community. 

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Over the last decade, our work in communities has underscored time and again that the single greatest change lever to building welcoming communities is leadership. Leaders help set the tone for welcome and belonging in the community. Often that’s a positive tone, one that recognizes the value and contributions of all residents. Conversely, it can be negative, and one based in fear, exclusion, and intolerance. While the national rhetoric around immigration remains toxic, at the local level community leaders tend to be far more open and welcoming.

Building Cohesive Communities in an Era of Migration and Change is an update to the 2011 Receiving Communities Toolkit and explores the nature of today’s challenge, strategies to address divides, and recommendations for bringing social cohesion work to scale.

Innovations in Building Meaningful Contact Across Difference explores what is arguably the most essential and foundational method of bridging our nation’s divides and st

Learn some of the best practices in engaging, supporting, and managing volunteers to help welcome refugees in your community. Tips around volunteer outreach, designing options for volunteer engagement, volunteer onboarding, and keeping volunteers energized are included.  This toolkit also shares field spotlights from a number of refugee-serving organizations that are successfully utilizing volunteers in new and interesting ways. 

As a strategy fellow at Welcoming America, Suzette Brooks Masters set out to understand how anxieties about demographic change, immigration and American identity can power the rise of authoritarian populists and ethnonationalists. After extensive review of the vast and growing multidisciplinary literature on these topics, and numerous discussions with experts and colleagues, Ms. Masters wrote this compact yet provocative research brief.

Welcoming Standard + Certified Welcoming Cover

Strong communities intentionally connect and actively include people of all backgrounds. Only through these conditions do local communities meet their highest civic and economic potential, unleashing the power of all contributions and assets. As places look to harness the wealth and vibrancy that comes from diverse talents and a more global workforce, places that are more welcoming will set themselves apart. 

This is the cover of Welcoming America's new toolkit on Citizenship strategies to engage receiving communities

This toolkit was developed by Welcoming America and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center, the lead organization of the New Americans Campaign, to provide promising practices and suggestions to engage receiving communities at the intersection of citizenship and welcoming work. 

This webinar will review the certification process and explore outcomes cities can anticipate from participation.

The purpose of this plan is to create an inclusive metro Atlanta region in which all people, including immigrants and refugees, have the opportunity to reach their greatest potential, engage with the larger community, and fully contribute their talents—expanding prosperity and well-being for all.

This new tool includes how to develop an inclusive approach to economic development, tips for success, and key strategies around areas such as workforce development, entrepreneurship, home ownership, and urban and rural agriculture.