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Welcoming in the News

Here are some media coverage highlights to inspire and inform your own community’s welcoming movement.

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New York State immigrants reverse population decline

A study from the New York State Comptroller finds that upstate cities have benefitted greatly from the arrival of immigrants, who have reversed population decline and grown local economies through business ownership and jobs.

Immigrant community gets economic boost

A partnership in Austin, Texas, aims to help immigrants in the region become business owners. A group of legal, advocacy, and economic groups hope to reduce barriers to starting a business and create more economic opportunity through a network of services.

America’s newest citizens: Four Milwaukeeans ready to vote

As a citizenship class teacher, Victoria Dubrovina, a Russian immigrant and now an American citizen, hears many reasons for why her pupils want to become citizens. But the main reason, she says, is to gain the same rights as citizens including the right to vote.

What it takes to settle refugees

A robust support system, low cost of living, entrepreneurial spirit, and - most important of all - a welcoming culture have laid a solid foundation for refugees and immigrants to find success and inclusion in cities like Erie, PA.

One house, one family at a time, immigrants are helping refill Detroit

Revitalizing neighborhoods is about more than growing the population. Immigrants are helping to occupy vacant housing, launch new businesses, and volunteer for neighborhood block clubs and safety patrols.

Integrated neighborhoods growing quickly across the US, study finds

A new study finds that neighborhoods where whites, blacks, Hispanics, and Asians live alongside each other are on the rise across major U.S. metropolitan regions.

Refugees don’t always trust cops, so Boise has one just to help them

The Boise program is among a growing number of trust-building efforts being developed by communities across the United States to deepen relationships between police and diverse residents to achieve a safe and connected community.

How immigrants can revive America's blighted neighborhoods

The Welcoming Economies Global Network and the Fiscal Policy Institute released new data this week revealing the untapped resource of immigrants as potential homeowners and the key to revitalizing neighborhoods across the country. 

Berlin through new eyes: Syrian refugees offer guided tours

A group that offers tours of Berlin led by formerly homeless people is now also working with the city’s refugee community. The tours led by Syrian refugees feature refugee shelters, Syrian restaurants, and other related sights. “Our goal was to give the refugees a face and personalize them — especially in times where so many people are only talking about the ‘floods’ or ‘waves’ of refugees.”

Idaho’s first Syrian refugee wants Americans to understand the vetting process

When Asmaa Abulkaie arrived in Boise, ID in 2014 with her two sons, she was welcomed by her adopted community. Here she tells her story of transitioning to a new life in Boise - both the highs and the lows. As a part of Welcoming Week, she was recognized by the White House along with seven other refugee community leaders.  

How immigrants can help revitalize America’s cities

New research from the Welcoming Economies Global Network and the Fiscal Policy institute show that immigrants have some of the greatest potential for helping to revitalize blighted communities and distressed homes. In 22 of the 23 cities studied, immigrants have a higher percentage of eligible homeowners than other groups.

The truth about American towns that welcome refugees

Atlantic correspondents visited small towns in three states that are welcoming refugees. They discover the economic and social benefits that immigrants are bringing to these towns. This documentary is a part of American Futures, a series exploring America’s small towns.