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Welcoming in the News

Here are some media coverage highlights to inspire and inform your own community’s welcoming movement.

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Welcoming America: A movement to embrace newcomers

Inclusion and integration are vital as there are about 40 million foreign-born people living in the United States today. Research has shown that immigrants have a positive effect on the local housing market and on reducing crime; they also attract the young and creative to the communities they join, as well as corporations that are looking for talent from around the world.

Boise's refugee resettlement program seen as a success

The success of Boise's refugee resettlement program has attracted international attention. German professionals, public officials and volunteers kicked off a two-day visit to Boise on Friday to learn about how the city welcomes and integrates refugees.

Obama honors immigrant rights leader David Lubell

During President Barack Obama's visit to Nashville, he recognized Welcoming America founder and Executive Director David Lubell on his role in supporting immigrants.

Nashville’s case for progressive immigration policy

And with this population growth came an economic boom. By 2012, Nashville had the fastest job growth of any city in the country. Immigrants in Nashville are now twice as likely to start a small business compared to native-born Nashvillians.

Reshaping the Rust Belt through immigrant talent

If the Rust Belt aims to reclaim its former growth and vibrancy, then skillful immigrant entrepreneurs and refugees willing to join the labor force must be part of the equation.

The new melting pots

It is no longer just historic immigrant gateways that are paying attention to the positive effects of immigrants in their cities; new gateway cities like Nashville, TN are taking notice and reaping the benefits.

Welcoming cities initiative aims to help immigrants feel at home in New Orleans

New Orleans is officially a Welcoming City for immigrants. Four months after the resolution was passed, the City has taken some small but meaningful steps to make New Orleans feel like home for immigrants.

Helping immigrants with business needs, Philly hopes to gain in translation

To boost Philadelphia's economy, the city's new mayor wants to do more to support small businesses owned by immigrants.

David Lubell: Putting out the welcome mat for immigrants

“Our job is to remind people of what our values are. We are a welcoming country.”

Immigrants: These cities want you

Rather than playing to fears or rejecting newcomers, many municipal leaders are coming up with new data-driven strategies to better welcome and integrate immigrants and refugees.

Governors don't want Syrian refugees. Mayors are asking for even more

Your state might oppose Syrian refugee resettlement, but odds are your city feels the opposite.

Millones contra prejuicios

In Spanish: Las ciudades de EE UU se movilizan a favor del beneficio económico que supondría regularizar a 11 millones de sin papeles.