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Welcoming in the News

Here are some media coverage highlights to inspire and inform your own community’s welcoming movement.

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Metro Atlanta Becomes The First Major Metro Area To Adopt A Regional Welcoming Plan

Welcoming America is pleased to announce metro Atlanta as the first major metro area to create and implement a regional welcoming plan.

Salt Lake County and Louisville Metro Government Announced as Certified Welcoming

Welcoming America is pleased to congratulate Salt Lake County and Louisville Metro Government for achieving the status of Certified Welcoming and joining the growing Certified Welcoming movement. Welcoming America announced their achievement at the Welcoming Interactive + Welcoming Economies Convening on June 19, 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Let's Keep Families Together

Today’s immigration crisis and the narratives driving it could not take place in a country that has firmly decided to be welcoming as a moral and economic imperative.  This is the work we do – with your help – to reach hearts and minds, and show how millions of Americans are already choosing the path of welcoming and following their better angels.