Welcoming Week 2020: Social Media Engagement Strategies & Templates

Welcoming Week 2020: Social Media Engagement Strategies & Templates

Hosting an event with your organization? Not able to host or attend one at all? No matter your plans for Welcoming Week, they should all encourage connections—use social media to your advantage. 

In the weeks leading up to Welcoming Week, we strongly encourage hosts to create a social media engagement plan to promote your event(s), increase registration, and provide your communities additional ways to engage in the welcoming movement.

Key event hashtags: #WelcomingWeek #CreatingHomeTogether 

Social media filters and stickers: See instructions here.


Take a photo of yourself or with a few members of your team with our multilingual "I'm a Welcomer" signs. If a sign in your language is not available, download the blank version and type or write it in.

For virtual events, use one of our Zoom backgrounds and take a screenshot.

For all photos, post to social media with the hashtags #WelcomingWeek and #CreatingHomeTogether. 

Share through this form for our photo contest.

Share Your Stories

Share inspiring stories from your community where you and other welcomers are creating spaces of belonging. Highlight the personal stories of immigrants and refugees and how their communities made them feel they belong. 

If you’re sharing these on social media, remember to tag @WelcomingUSA on Twitter and Instagram, as well as Facebook and LinkedIn. Remember to include #CreatingHomeTogether and #WelcomingWeek. You can also email them to [email protected] to discuss other ways to amplify them.

Recommended Timeline

One month prior: Start teasing out your Welcoming Week plans by driving registration, encouraging followers to “save the date”, and highlighting the hashtags. Post 2-3 times per week per platform, gradually increasing the number of posts as more information for your event becomes available.

Two weeks prior: Increase the number of posts to 3-4 times per week. These should push strongly for attendee registrations, engagement on social media through hashtags, and build excitement for the event.

During Welcoming Week: Post at least once or twice per day per platform. Pre-schedule reminders for events just before their start time. Assign a staff or volunteer to live tweet from virtual and on-site events. Collect notable stories throughout the week and save them for a follow-up email campaign or blog post. 

After Welcoming Week: Share success stories from your event(s), highlighting any prominent guests, notable social media moments, and metrics on attendees, views, likes, voter registration forms, etc. Remember to thank any partners and donors by tagging them in your posts.

Social Media Templates

For Twitter:

By #CreatingHomeTogether, everyone gets involved in making our communities stronger. Join us by celebrating #WelcomingWeek this Sept. 12-20. Learn how: welcomingweek.org

Building a nation of neighbors means #CreatingHomeTogether, finding common ground & making a place for everyone, no matter where you’re from. Join us for #WelcomingWeek this Sept: welcomingweek.org

Want to celebrate #WelcomingWeek but unsure how to do it safely? Check out our toolkit for different ways of #CreatingHomeTogether this year: welcomingweek.org 

Every day, more communities recognize that opening up opportunities for all residents is the right thing to do. Join us for #WelcomingWeek and share how you’re #CreatingHomeTogether in [CITY/STATE]. 

How will you celebrate #WelcomingWeek this year? Even during a pandemic, there are many ways of #CreatingHomeTogether. Join the movement & attend a digital event near you: welcomingweek.org

What does #CreatingHomeTogether during a pandemic and civil rights movement? This #WelcomingWeek, share your  

For Facebook/Instagram:

Welcoming Week is an annual series of events where neighbors, immigrants, and long-term residents come together in a spirit of unity. This year, by #CreatingHomeTogether, everyone gets involved in making our communities stronger. Join us Sept. 12-20! 

Want to celebrate #WelcomingWeek but unsure how to do it safely? Our toolkit offers examples and ideas for #CreatingHomeTogether virtually or in-person. Visit welcomingweek.org for more information and ways to interact digitally.

Hosting a virtual dance party, tending a community garden, or doing a virtual cooking demonstration are just a few ways communities are #CreatingHomeTogether for #WelcomingWeek. How will you get involved? Visit welcomingweek.org for ideas & inspiration.

You can also add Facebook filters and Instagram stickers to your social media to add a special flair!

For LinkedIn:

How is your organization #CreatingHomeTogether this year? Whether you’re sponsoring virtual events or hosting limited in-person activities, there are many ways to get involved in this year’s #WelcomingWeek. Join us from Sept. 12-20 by checking out our toolkit and registering your event, all at welcomingweek.org.

What does #CreatingHomeTogether mean for your organization? This #WelcomingWeek, we are redefining what home means and how communities can come together to build more inclusive places for all. Join us Sept. 12-20! Learn more at [URL]

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