Kaori Hirakawa

Kaori Hirakawa is the Program Manager of the Gilchrist Center for Cultural Diversity, Montgomery County, MD’s immigrant resource center. The Gilchrist Center provides programs and services to the County's diverse community and functions as a central point of contact for residents to County and other community services. Working closely with government agencies, community organizations and individual residents, the Center helps county residents learn important job- and life-related skills, engages new residents in the community, builds relationships and understanding throughout the county, and ensures that the needs of this very diverse community are met.  Kaori has been a key member of the Gilchrist Center’s team since 2006.

Prior to her work with the County, Kaori organized educational programs and conferences as staff of a national non-profit working with members of the disabled community, engaged university students in international education, and managed cultural and educational programs as a diplomat. She was born and raised in Japan, holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in Russian studies, and has lived and worked in Russia, the United Kingdom, and Japan. She is proud to be an active member of Montgomery County, MD since 2002, and a mother of two children: Rowan and Sanae.